We care about your safety...


Regulatory requirements have to be observed in the planning of new facilities or while existing ones are being rehabilitated. Technical teams can use our expertise to ensure safety planning for their water leisure facility construction projects.

We offer consultancy and support in meeting safety regulatory requirements, for example by conducting a continuous risk assessment during the construction process.

Safety Audit

We inspect the safety of users in operating facilities.
We provide declarations of compliance of the entire facility with respect to the applicable pool standards and requirements.
These certificates will help you improve customer satisfaction.

We offer:

  • Commissioning of waterslides
  • Commissioning of filtration and treatment systems
  • Declaration of conformity of recirculation systems
  • Declaration of conformity for aquatic games

Expert Opinions

Judicial matters for courts, prosecutors and lawyers.
We send publicly recognized experts for all types of incidents/accidents in swimming pools, saunas and other water leisure or "wellness" facilities.

Expert opinion/expert opinion on incidents / accidents, for example in connection with:

  • Drowning
  • Supervision
  • Lack of security facilities
  • Suction points
  • Waterslides
  • Slip resistance on walkable surfaces
  • Diving facilities
  • etc.

Management Tools

Due to our extensive experience, we can develop a complete Operation Handbook and safety procedures for your installation. No matter your size or your customer profile. All this according to the requirements described in the valid applicable European regulations and standards.